Dr. Kaminski treats patients not just from Michigan but many who fly in from throughout the
United states and a number of foreign countries.

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Sedation Dentistry Michigan

Welcome to the Sedation Dentistry Center. Many of you have been referred here by your family dentist or specialist for treatment, others may be fearful or anxious concerning dental care and some may have family members with special needs, Alzheimer’s or other conditions. What ever your reason, we are here to restore your oral health and provide the finest dental treatment in a calm, compassionate and caring manner. This can be accomplished pain free in as little as one appointment with our advanced sedation and anesthesia techniques.

Our patients appreciate that the Sedation Dentistry Center does not look like a traditional dental office. Many of the smells, images, or sounds you remember from the past have been eliminated. Our director, Norbert Kaminski D.D.S., the most experienced sedation dentist in Michigan, has found this reduces the triggering mechanism of the past bad memories. “No one is born with a fear of dentists. Our goal is to enable you to overcome those previous poor experiences that were no fault of your own. The most difficult part for you is walking through the front door” says Dr. Kaminski, the only dental anesthesiologist listed in Michigan. Most of the people we see tell us that their previous sedation dentist called them “the worst patient”. We thrive on changing that experience and your life.

We treat every one of our patients the way we or our family members would like to be treated and with the respect each person deserves. That is why thousands have entrusted Dr. Kaminski with their oral health and referred family and friends that further demonstrates his honesty and integrity.

You might find of particular interest Dr. Kaminski’s many media appearances. He has also been named a top dentist by the respected Detroit Hour Magazine. For many years the stock hospital O.R. footage for WXYZ channel 7 health reports was actually Dr. Kaminski providing dental rehabilitation in the operating room at Providence Hospital. He has been featured on WDIV channel 4, WXYZ channel 7, WJBK channel 62, The Detroit News, The Detroit Free Press, The Macomb Daily, The Chicago Tribune, Miami Herald, as well as local and national radio programs.

As you navigate our website, please feel free to contact our office by e-mail or phone for any questions you may have. Our staff can also facilitate your travel requirements as many of our patients come from out of state and overseas. For ease of travel, our Eastside Office and Surgicenter is located on the I-696 service drive between I-94 and I-75 making it readily accessible to anyone with freeway access.

We now have a West Side office in Novi for the convenience of our many West Side patients.


Does this sound like you?

  • You put off dental care until the pain has kept you awake
  • Sweaty palms or lay awake the night before your appointment
  • Cancel your appointment several times
  • Haven’t seen a dentist in years
  • Had dental treatment done recently that was very painful
  • “I told them I wasn’t numb but they drilled anyway”
  • “I gag when they have the suction in the back of my throat.”

Who Benefits from our Unique Expertise

Dental Phobic, Fearful and Anxious Patients
“No one is born with the fear of the dentist. Most have had bad experiences with the dentist so the problem is not with you. Someone made you this way and you are not alone” Dr. Kaminski says.

In this country nearly 150 million people have had such bad experiences that they won't go to a dentist again! They know they need dental care but can’t put themselves through the pain they previously experienced at the dentist. Some have put off treatment for years while others had a very painful episode just last month. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you came from, the issue cuts across all walks of life.

As one of only a handful of dentists specializing in sedation dentistry for the treatment of fearful and phobic patients, Dr. Kaminski has developed special techniques to provide truly guaranteed pain free dental care. With his hospital grade total intravenous anesthesia you can be assured of a positive dental experience without feeling any pain or remembering any of the procedure. You are truly asleep during your treatment.

Having treated thousands of dental phobic patients, we have the understanding and compassion you need at your initial consultation. No picks or probes are used; specific radiographs and intra oral photographs help Dr. Kaminski assess your needs. Multiple procedures, complex or painful treatment can be combined into one appointment. Anything that might cause discomfort is handled while you are asleep.

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