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On July 12th, 2012, Dr. Kaminski was featured on ABC News Nightline and ABC World News Tonight.  Brian Ross focused attention on dentists with limited training sedating children and the subsequent rise in office related deaths.  The stories are titled "Death & Greed at the Dentist"

Mr. Ross, Chief Investigative Reporter for ABC World News Tonight, flew to Detroit in April to interview Dr. Kaminski for this program.  Mr. Ross spent over 90 minutes on camera with Dr. Kaminski and then ABC World News filmed Dr. Kaminski administering an anesthetic to a patient.  ABC World News had been investigating the poor sedation training of most dentists for the past thirteen months.  As one of the nations leading experts in dental sedation/anesthesia, Dr. Kaminski has been working for the past several years to implement regulations requiring dentists to have more clinical training and office inspections in order to safely sedate patients.  Most people don't realize that a dentist only has to verify their training with the State.

Dr. Kaminski has also served as an expert witness and resource for law enforcement agencies and special victim prosecutors when sexual abuse of patients under dental sedation is suspected.

ABC World News at Dr. Kaminski's Office

The above images are a behind the scenes look at Mr. Brian Ross, Chief Investigative reporter for ABC World News, and his visit to Dr. Kaminski's office.  The ABC News crew was at our office for over 6 hours.  They transformed our reception area for the shoot to accommodate the cases of equipment needed for the interview.  Their attention to detail was amazing-down to the color and size of the textbooks to appear in Mr. Ross' background.  Initially scheduled for a 30 minute interview, cameras had to be reloaded as the interview went to 90 minutes.  "I was impressed that Mr. Ross conducted the entire interview without any notes-he was very well prepared" said Dr. Kaminski.  "Because of the heat generated by the extensive lighting, we had to keep the office at 60 degrees just to keep it comfortable for the film shoot."

ABC also filmed Dr. Kaminski sedating a patient and demonstrating appropriate rescue techniques.  Well known for his efforts to improve patient safety through better training requirements, Dr. Kaminski felt honored that ABC News had sought his expertise on this topic.  "People don't realize that a dentist only has to attend a 2 1/2 day class at a hotel watching a PowerPoint Presentation to sedate a patient here in Michigan" states Dr. Kaminski.

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